International Commercial Transactions

In recent years, Vietnam has made its entry in the global economy and Vietnamese companies are actively involved in international commercial transactions.

Seeking a law firm – which has professional lawyers with deep and wide understanding of regulations, policies and precedents in international merchandising for consultation is very important for enterprises.

SBLAW, which has a team of experienced attorneys educated in developed countries, are capable to provide high quality services for clients in solving legal issues pertaining to international merchandising.

Our services include:

To advise in drafting and negotiation commercial contracts with partners;

To advise in drafting requested documents; represent clients before the authorized bodies in Vietnam and foreign countries in order to obtain  permissions in international commercial transactions;

To assist and represent the clients in the process of settling international commercial disputes in jurisdictional agencies viz. courts or international arbitration centers;

To advise and represent clients as well as associations in the delegation to initiate and conduct the process of investigation concerning anti-dumping cases, anti-subsidy cases and applying self-defense solutions;

To advise on laws, international customs and norms, which are applied to transactions relating to purchase and selling goods, intermediate activities of trade in international merchandising.


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