Quotation for Patent Registration

Question: Could you provide us with your update Schedule of charges for Patent Registration? Answer: Regarding your enquiries concerning the subject matter, we would like to advise you on procedure and our fee schedule in relation to the intellectual property registration proceeding        in Vietnam as follows: PATENT Procedure a, Protection criteria: A patent shall be eligible...

Patent in Vietnam

Question: I am an inventor and an applicant of the "National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam". I applicated the patent in a private capacity (as natural person or individual). Field of my invention seems like "Electronics" or "Software". I will change current local agent in Vietnam. I think that I am...

Patent registration proceeding in Vietnam.

SBLAW would like to advise client about the Patent registration proceeding in Vietnam  as below: 1. Procedure a. Protection criteria: A patent shall be eligible for protection in the form of the grant of a Patent for Invention/Utility Solution when it satisfies the following conditions:   Being novel Being of an inventive step Being susceptible of industrial application Patent for invention P P P Patent for utility solution P P   b. Validity of Patent for Patent/Utility Solution: Patent for Invention shall have...

Vietnam – Entry into National Phase of PCT Application

SBLAW would like to introduce the Vietnam - Entry into National Phase of PCT Application as follows: 1. Timeframe for examination of a patent application. A patent application will be examined through the following process: i) Formality examination: The Patent application undergoes one-month formality examination counted from the filing date. ii) Publication: The...

Power of attorney for filling patent in Vietnam

In order to file patent in Vietnam, client should provide us the following form of Power of Attorney (POA)[...]

PCT patent filling in Vietnam

In case the foreign patent owner would like to enter the national phase with patent office of Vietnam, SB Law advises the procedure and fee for registering a PCT application in Vietnam as hereafter[...]
Guidance for registering patent in Vietnam

Vietnam Patent Protection

The fee for filling a patent application in Vietnam. In order to file a patent application in Vietnam, the applicant has to pay the following [...]

Attorney fee for filling patent in Vietnam

Patent attorney in Vietnam, would like to clarity the attorney fee for filling patent in Vietnam for your kind consideration[...]