Urgent Due Diligence required for a Vietnamese Consultant

Question: I am writing to find out about a quote with regards to Due Diligence on an employee we have based in Vietnam. We are an Hongkong based organisation which works with primarily Hongkong companies which are trading with or investing in the Caribbean.  We are expanding range of Chinese and...

Employment law Vietnam

Question: We are USA company would like to enquire about the consultation of the employment law - Vietnam. We have an Representative office in Ho Chi Minh City. Professional Advice Employee Resignation/ termination issue Preparation letter for resignation letter in both language (Vietnam/ English). Please provide us a quote for the consultation. Answer: This...

Labor regulation and employee benefit under Vietnam Law

SBLAW would like to brief on labor regulation and employee benefit under Vietnam Law as follows: Labor Contract Labor Contract shall be entered with the Employee directly, unless the employee is from 15-18 years old. Labor contract for a period more than 3 months, must be executed in writing...
Employees working in railway

Employees working in railway transportation work no longer than 12 hours

On June 05, 2015, the Ministry of Transport issued the Circular No. 21/2015/TT-BGTVT dated June 05, 2015 of the Ministry of Transport prescribing the working time and rest time for employees working in the special conditions of railway transportation. Accordingly, working time and rest time for train drivers, train driver...
Dental License in Vietnam

Q&A: Dental License in Vietnam

Question: I am a 56 year old actively practicing dentist in Nice, France. If I retire to DaNang, can I obtain a Vietnam license to practice dentistry part time in the country? I am in good standing with my local board. Thank you for you advise, Answen: I am Lawyer of...

Sample of labor contract in Vietnam

SBLAW would like to provide to foreign company the sample of labor contract in Vietnam for your execution. Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam Độc lập – Tự do – Hạnh phúc —oOo— TP.Hồ Chí Minh, ngày 02/01/2015 Tên đơn vị: Company name: Số/ Number: HỢP ĐỒNG LAO ĐỘNG LABOUR CONTRACT (Ban hành kèm theo Thông tư số 21/2003/TT-BLĐTBXH ngày 22/09/2003 của Bộ Lao...

Difference between laborer and director under labor law

Now my company in Hanoi is now doing renewal of Managing Director’s contract. I will be the legal representative and his title is Managing director and he is operating whole company with power authorization from legal representative. I would like to know the below thing,
Law on protection of consumers’ rights 2010

Required document for work permit in Vietnam

No. Document Who to provide Language Remarks Application from Client for the Work Permit Form to be provided by SBLAW, filled out by Client. English & Vietnamese 02 copies are required.To be signed by Client in both languages. 2. Certificate of Business Registration/ Establishment License of Client To be provided by Client 02 notarized copies are required. 3. Clean Criminal record issued by...
Law on commercial arbitration

Getting Criminal Record/Police Clarence in Vietnam

If client would like to get Criminal Record/ Police Clarence when doing immigration procedure into foreign countries, SBLAW would like to advise as follows:

Termination labour contracts of redundant employees in Vietnamese company.

(SB Law) In case foreign invested company in Vietnam (FIC) shall have to consider terminating employment of a number of redundant employees due to organizational restructure[...]