Quotation for responding to substantive examination result



Please kindly advise us of your total charges for taking over the representation of the above-referenced patent application and filing a response against the examiner’s objection for this case.  Your quotation shall include your service fees, official fees, approximate disbursements and taxes, if any.


The patent is refused to grant patent because the claims do not meet the requirements of novelty and inventive step. To overcome the objection, the Applicant shall have to amend the claims and the specifications or point out the different technical features between the applicant’s patent and the cited ones.

The total fee to file the response is as follows:

Works Official fee


Attorney fee


1. Fee for taking over the representation 20.00 60.00
2. Fee for responding to the Notification 20.00 200.00
                                            Subtotal 40.00 260.00

Note: The above cost excludes 5% VAT, bank charge and communication costs, translation fee $US6.50/100 words.