Legal seeks on M&A

We are some investors from HongKong. We wish to find a lawyer or law firm can help us for M&Acase. We want to buy a pharmaceutical company in hochiminh City.

Legal service for transfering equity in enterprise

Lawyers of SBLAW are pleased to present herewith our Legal Service for trasfering equity in enterprise as follows:

Experience of SBLAW in the field of M&A

As a leading law firm in the field of M&A, SBLAW would like to provide some information about experience of SBLAW in the field of M&A as follows:
lawyer on M&A in Vietnam

Company Acquisition in Vietnam

SBLaw was requested to assist foreign company (Hereinafter referred to as “Client”) to provide legal advice on company acquisition in Vietnam. 1. Our proposd scope of works We anticipate that our work will comprise of the following work streams. These are the key work streams required in any M&A cases. Depending on...
Lawyers of SBLAW

Consultation Services on M&A in Vietnam

M&A is a mechanism used by companies in order to expand its range, share market or to capture markets. Nonetheless, when M&A conducted, parties must be aware of legal status of companies that they wish to purchase and necessary procedure as well.

Merge and Acquisition (M&A)

Being well aware of that Merge and Acquisition (M&A) transactions are expected to configure an investment trend in Vietnam, SBLAWs’ lawyers and experts have worked out an unique set of solutions and research including legal frameworks, roadmaps that directly address M&A issues in order to minimize potential risks.