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Set up a company in Vietnam

Set up a company in Vietnam

Client: I have a Australia passport. We want to set up a small company in Vietnam, foreign investment type of thing, 51% owned by Vietnamese partner and 49% owned by me. Can you do this for us? How much would you charge? Lawyer: Thanks you for your interest in our service, Please let...

Consultation about Company registration in Vietnam

In general, each type of company in Vietnam shall has different process and the fee for setting up a company in Vietnam.

Business License in Vietnam

Client: I want to open a school for teaching English and make it legal, pay taxes etc. I want to get a resident card and long term Visa. The building I live in has both commercial and residential, I would think it's zoned. Any way i don't have a...
Setting up a Vietnam foreign owned company

Setting up a Vietnam foreign owned company

Investor: We are a Hongkong holding company in retail Food & Beverage sector currently with 5 outlets in Hongkong. We are seeking to expand to Ho Chi Minh and plan to start with 3 retail food outlets soonest possible. After doing some reading online on company setup in Vietnam, we...

How to obtain investment certificate in Vietnam?

Investment project shall be subject to decision of Provincial People Committee[...]