Case by case basis Legal Consultation Service Package

Legal Consultation Service Package

For case by case basis Legal Consultation Service Package, SB Law professional fees shall be based on the actual time our lawyers/consultants work on the services(s) for which we have been retained.

Our Lawyer and Consultations keep track their time in minutes to the nearest 10 minutes and record their time daily. Time record notations are made for any and all work performed, including but not limited to, office conferences, legal research and preparation of legal instruments, telephone and personal trips to and from the offices to relative places or client’s offices. Where SB Law offers an estimate for services based on hourly rates, such estimate may not adequately reflect the amount ultimately undertaken by SB Law in order to deliver the services. In case the actual amount of work required by SB Law exceeds our initial estimate, SB Law will advise of any possible excess such estimate.

Our current standard hourly rates are follows:

Director & Partner:                   250-300USD

Senior Associate:                      100-200USD

Associate:                                 80USD

Trainee                         30USD

SB Law also provides services on a fixed basis for many projects. For your ease of reference, we hereby introduce you our several typical fixed fee basis project:

Service Package Professional Fee
Obtainment of Investment Certificate for foreign invested company in non-conditional investment sectors 4,000USD
Obtainment of Certificate of Business Registration for Company in non-conditional investment sectors 250USD
Obtainment of Work Permit 700USD
Obtainment of Clean Criminal Record in Vietnam 430USD
Trade Mark Search for 01 class 60USD
Trade Mark Registration for 01 class 220USD
Trade Mark Registration for each class from second one 119USD
Trade Mark Registration for each Item of goods, services from 7th one 12USD
Claiming priority right for trademark registration 67USD
Obtainment for patent of Invention/Utility Solution 324USD
Patent Registration for each independent claim (from 2nd one) 73USD
Patent Registration for each page from 6th one 1.7USD
Claiming priority right for each earlier priority 86.4USD
Industrial Design Registration for 1st variation 278USD
Industrial Design Registration for each variation from 2nd one 126 USD
Industrial Design Registration for each figure from 2nd one 20.9 USD
Claiming priority right for each earlier priority 76

* Please note that the above service fee is exclusive of VAT, cost for translating documents from English into Vietnamese: 10USD/150 words, actual expense for traveling and accommodation of our lawyer if it requires our Lawyer to move out of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. SB Law reserve right to change our professional fee time by time.


SB Law requires payment of all invoices within 05 working days from their date. Client shall immediately notify SB Law of when actual payment(s) will be made on the amount specified in the invoice(s). SB Law will start working only upon receipt of payment of the respective invoice(s).

Alternatively, SB Law reserves the right to withdraw the service if payment is not received 10 days after the date of the invoice. Further, in the event payments are not received by the payable date, SB Law reserves the right to suspend services and/or levy and collect a late payment fee of 0.5% per month up to the date of receipt of payment by SB Law.

Once again, we would like to thank for your kind co-operation. If you have any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us.