International Goods Purchasing Contract


Question: Our company would like your company to support in preparing International Goods Purchasing Contract. Please quote.


We understand that Client would like us to support in preparing International Goods Purchasing Contract to be entered by and between Client and Business Partner abroad. We therefore would like to present herewith our legal service proposal for you consideration.

1.           SCOPE OF WORK

Our provision of services shall be as follows:


Preparation of Contract:

  • To review and study Client’s business goals in the targeted transaction;
  • To prepare the Contract in English and Vietnamese reflecting business goal and sale policy of Client in order best protect right and interest of Client in light of Vietnam Law;
  • To discuss with Client regarding to terms and conditions of the prepared Contract (if so required);
  • Revise the Contract based on comments of Client.

With the above scope of work, we planned to complete review and translation of Contract within 05 working days from signing date of legal service contract. The time schedule does not include time required for revising the contract based on your specific comments.


Our service fees for above said scope of work shall be as follows:

-Our service fees for preparing contract in English and Vietnamese shall be 18,680, 000VND (In words: Eighteen million six hundred and eighty thousand Vietnam Dong).

– Within 03 (three) working days after SB Law and Client have signed the Legal Service Contract, Client shall pay SB Law an advance payment of 50% Service Fees. Within 03 (three) working days from the date which SB Law has completed all the works as mentioned in Item 1 above, Client shall pay SB Law 50% remaining Service Fees and other related costs (if any).

– Our fee for reviewing and revising the Contract based on your comments from the 3rd time after delivery of the first reviewed version shall be based on our actual working time of assigned lawyer. Our hourly rate shall be 4,000,000VND/01 working hour. SB Law shall deliver Client weekly report on service s performed and incurred service fee. Such supplemental fee shall be paid within 03 working days from receipt of invoice of SB Law.

– The above fee is exclusive of VAT (10%).