Restriction on mobilization of capital applied for investment fund


Question: Respectfully to attorney, I have a question. Is there any restriction for an investment fund to receive the investment from foreign investors and Vietnamese investors as per Vietnamese laws?

Answer: SB Law appreciate your interest in our legal consultant services. Regarding your question, we would like to advise you as follows:

With regard to the member fund, there is a limitation on the fund’s mobilization. The fund may call for investment from a new member. However, the maximum number of its member is 30 members . In other words, the member fund may not call for investment from more than 30 investors, including domestic organizations and foreign organizations.

In terms of the public fund, the fund may issue fund certificates to public, which means there is no limitation on capital mobilization from investors. Besides, the foreign investors may make unrestricted investments in certificates of securities investment fund . Therefore, there is no restriction for a public fund to receive the investment from foreign investors and domestic investors.