Incorporating a business related to English language teaching


Question: I would like some advice about incorporating a business related to English language teaching. Although the business is largely online, it will also be operating in Vietnam, which is where both directors (UK and USA) currently live. I need your help in knowing where to incorporate e.g. in Singapore, the UK etc, and how to set up a subsidiary in Vietnam

Answer: Based on information you provided, we know that you want business about the online English teaching field. Regarding to the matter mentioned above, we kindly give you opinion as below:

Under Vietnam Law, for the online English teaching field, foreign investor must be set up a company having registration of the  education and training line and applying to operation license from Department of Education and Training, in which the procedure of incorporation a foreign invested company includes 2 steps:

+  Step 1: Obtaining the Investment Registration Certificate

+ Step 2: Obtaining the Business Registration Certificate

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