Inquiry on higher education regulation services in Vietnam


Question: I am Associate at consulting company, a global strategy management consulting firm. I am writing to you to enquire about your services to understand the regulations on online Higher Education in Vietnam.

We’re looking for information with sources on specific laws and regulations in Vietnam to answer the questions.

This project would include sharing the answers and the corresponding sources. Please let me know how to proceed further regarding this and your service fee for the same.

Answer:This is reference to your email from which, we understand that we were requested to provide legal advice on online Higher Education under Vietnam Law.

Therefore, we are grateful to set our legal services proposal for your review and consideration as follows:

1. Scope of work

Following works are proposed based on the request of Client. However, depending on the specific position/situation of Client, several work items may not be necessary.

Meanwhile, other works may be required, SB Law shall immediately advise the same upon review documents of the case.

Any additional works shall not fall under the scope of this Engagement Letter, but could be provided upon request.

(i) Studying subject matters to be interested by Client.

(ii) Studying Vietnam Law regarding to subject matters requested by Client.

(iii) Providing Legal Opinion on subject matters mentioned in the attached file under Vietnam Law.

(iv) Explaining, clarifying if Client have any questions/comments regarding the Legal Opinion (not exceed 10 working hours).

2. Time schedule:

Within 10 (ten) working days from receipt of full information and documents of the case, and Client has paid 60% legal service specified in the Section 4, SB Law shall provide Client a drafted Legal Opinion for your consideration.

The starting date to perform the service is the date on which SB Law receives the advance payment or receives neccessary documents and information from the Client, depending on the later date.

All the works shall be done during office hours, from Monday to Friday, and from 8:30 am to 5:30pm, except on holidays, unless otherwise unless otherwise agreed between Client and SB Law


3.1 SB Law’s Service Fees shall be as follows:

3.1.1 Fee for scope of work as mentioned in the Section 3 will  be USD 3,500 (Three thousand five hundred US Dollars). The above-mention Service Fees are not included 10% VAT; costs for travelling and accomodation of lawyers (if any); bank charge and other related costs.

3.1.2 Hourly rate for extra working hours for explainin, clarifying if Client have any questions/comments regarding the Legal Opinion shall be 150USD/1 working hour.

3.1.3 The Service Fees are based on the approach, assumptions, dependencies, expectations, scope of services and implementation schedule specified in this Legal Service Proposal. SB Law reserves the right to re-quote the service fee and review the service schedule in the event of changes in the scope of requirements.

3.2.Service Fees shall be paid to SB Law as follows:

Within 05 working days from the date of signing this Legal Service Proposal, Client shall pay SB Law 60% of the total estimated services fee.

Within 05 working days from the date receipt of the first drafted Legal Opinion, Client shall pay SB Law 40% of remaining the total estimated services fee.