Selling supplement products in Vietnam


Question: I have lived in France for many years. Knowing that there is very high demand on  supplement & healthcare products (like omega 3, calcium, etc.) and baby products in Vietnam.

I want to sell them in this market. I would be grateful if you can help me out with questions below:
– If I want to open a company distributing aforementioned products from Europe to consumers, pharmacies in Vietnam, what licence and documents do I need?
– What is your service charge to help me complete the whole process?

Answer: Under Vietnam Law, Health Care product and baby products can be classified to categories:

+ Pharmaceutical products: For distribution of pharmaceutical products, you must have qualified person and qualified facilities for obtaining pharmaceutical products import and trading license. Furthermore, you shall also have to register imported pharmaceutical product for circulation in Vietnam. The process for registration of generic pharmaceutical product shall be 2 years upward.
+ Supplemental food: You shall have to register imported supplemental food with MOH for circulation in Vietnam. It shall take you about 3 months to complete. Our fee for registration of supplemental food shall be 1,650USD/01 product. The fee is exclusive of examination expense (case by case basis) and VAT: 10%
+ Cosmetic product: You shall have to register imported cosmetic product with MOH for ciruclation in Vietnam. It shall take you about 01 month to complete. Our fee for registration of cosmetic product shall be 400USD/01 product. The fee is exclusive of VAT: 10%
+ Clothing product: No registration is required.
For distribution of above said product, you shall have to setup company in Vietnam. For setting up company in Vietnam:
+ If you no longer hold Vietnamese Citizenship, you shall be treated as Foreign Investor. Foreign Investor shall have to obtain (i) Investment Registration Certificate; (ii) Enterprise Registration Certificate and (iii) Trading license. This process shall last within 4 months. However, in this case, you shall not allowed to distribute pharmaceutical products.
+ If your Vietnamese Citizenship is still remained, you shall need to obtain Enterprise Registrtion Certificate which shall last within 05 working days to complete. If you wishes to distribute pharmaceutical products, you shall have to obtain pharmaceutical trading license. It shall take you about 02 months to complete.
Please carefully study and let us know your opinion at the soonest time. We are looking forward to hearing from you.