Consulting on  Patent for Italian drugmaker.

Real Estate Lawyer in Vietnam

With a team of experienced lawyers having practice in real estate, SBLAW has provided consultation services for leading companies in Vietnam such as Viettel Group. We can advice a client not only in whole also for the stages in the process of execution of construction and real estate projects.

Legal services for foreign investors in Vietnam

Our attorneys, who are well aware of the investment environment in Vietnam, will support the investor effectively in the process of planting as well as executing projects in this country
Bank Law consultancy in Vietnam

Legal services on restoration of debts

In business activities, accruing of debts among companies occurs quite regularly. Nevertheless, companies can seek legal advice as to steps and directly solve restoration debts when there are bad debts.

Banking and Finance Legal Advice in Vietnam

SBLAW is providing legal consultation to leading financial institutions such as the Hanoi branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Military Bank, Hong Leong Bank, etc.
Civil code

Legal practice of SBLAW

SBLAW is staffed with 40 lawyers and associates who are capable of providing a multitude of legal services which cover every aspect of doing business in Vietnam.
Công ty luật SB

Lawyers and Law Firm in Vietnam

SB Law is a Law Firm and an Intellectual Property Representative based in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City providing a wide full range of legal services across Vietnam and Asia[...]