Labor regulation and employee benefit under Vietnam Law

SBLAW would like to brief on labor regulation and employee benefit under Vietnam Law as follows: Labor Contract Labor Contract shall be entered with the Employee directly, unless the employee is from 15-18 years old. Labor contract for a period more than 3 months, must be executed in writing...
The labor code 2012

The labor code 2012 of Vietnam

The Labor Code 2012, which is the prescribed law in the territory of Vietnam, specifies the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the employers and the employees. This Code is applicable to the following[...]
Rest hours under Labor Code in Vietnam

Working hours under Vietnam Labor Code

The normal working hours prescribed under law is a maximum of 8 hours a day or 48 hours a week and the employer shall have the right to determine[...]
Labor contract

Labor contract under labor code 2012

The employer and employee have to enter into a labor contract for the work which is the agreement regarding the work conditions, rights and obligations of each party[...]


Question: Dear Lawyer, during the period of social distancing in line with Directive No.16/CT-TTg, our Company are currently developing and implementing the “3 on-site” plan (working, eating, resting at factories) for our employees to ensure both disease prevention control and economic growth.  Even so, in the process of implementing the plan, some employees...

Should the company still have to pay salary for lockdown period?

Question: We want to ask 2 case: 1 – The company has to cease the working due to lockdown because of Covid 2 – The employee can not come to work due to they have to be lockdown Should the company still have to pay salary for lockdown period? Answer: We would like...
Annual leave under Labour Code

Annual leave under Labour Code

Question: We are a FDI company and would like to know the regulation on Annual leave under Labour Code  of Vietnam. Now, under the regulation of our company, the firm applies an annual leave policy of 20 days for the employees who sign labor contracts with a term of 1 year or...
labor law

Allownces under Labor Code

In addition to Salary, the Employer can pay allowance to Employee. Rate and type of each allowance shall be very much depended on mutual agreement between Employee and Employer[...]
Vietnam Labor code

Q&A on Vietnam Labor code

SBLAW would like to provide the foreign invested company (FIC) in Vietnam some information on Vietnam Labor Code through Q&A form: Q: In which currency the salaries should be paid? A: Under Vietnam Law on foreign exchange, all transactions made within territory of Vietnam must be made by VND. Thus, currencies...

Vietnam-Unused Annual Leave

Question: If an employee has 14 days annual leave this year, but he terminated in this May with 9 days unused annual leave. Does employer pay for the unused annual leave and how to calculate it? Is the formula correct?   Monthly salary/26*unused days.   Answer:   In case the Employee legally terminate the employment contract, he/she...