Should the company still have to pay salary for lockdown period?

Question: We want to ask 2 case: 1 – The company has to cease the working due to lockdown because of Covid 2 – The employee can not come to work due to they have to be lockdown Should the company still have to pay salary for lockdown period? Answer: We would like...
Labor contract

Labor contract under labor code 2012

The employer and employee have to enter into a labor contract for the work which is the agreement regarding the work conditions, rights and obligations of each party[...]
Annual leave under Labour Code

Annual leave under Labour Code

Question: We are a FDI company and would like to know the regulation on Annual leave under Labour Code  of Vietnam. Now, under the regulation of our company, the firm applies an annual leave policy of 20 days for the employees who sign labor contracts with a term of 1 year or...

Procedure for recruiting local citizen in Vietnam to work for foreign employer.

Question: We are foreign company and  just want to know if we want to employ a local people, do we need to find  recruiting agency or can we just post recruiting message on local newspaper? I have found Decree 75/2014/ND-CP (article 6?) somewhere states the procedure for recruiting local citizen...

Inquiry into establishing a trade union organization within six months of operation

Question: I read your article regarding trade union. My understanding based on your article is that in accordance with "Decree  No. 98/2014/ND-CP dated October 24, 2014" which takes effect from the 10th of December 2014: 1. Enterprises need to establish a trade union within 6 months from its operation. 2. If an enterprise...

Work permit in Vietnam for shareholder of company.

Question: Hi. I'm planning to establish a company in Vietnam and would need to apply for a work permit. I'm French citizen and consultant for more than 15 years. What would be the procedure and time frame and how much would it cost to get a 1 or 2 year...

Advice on obtaining work permit in Vietnam

Question: I want apply for work permit in Vietnam. What procedures do I need to do? Answer: We noted that you would like to seek for legal advice regarding to obtaining work permit in Vietnam. Before moving forward to further step, could you let us know: + Are you working for any company duly established...
Pregnant business woman article

Maternity Leave under Labor Code

The female employee is entitled to take leave before and after birth, collectively of six months[...]
The labor code 2012

The labor code 2012 of Vietnam

The Labor Code 2012, which is the prescribed law in the territory of Vietnam, specifies the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the employers and the employees. This Code is applicable to the following[...]
Legal advice regarding Labor issues

Legal advice regarding Labor issues

Question: We would like to sign an annual contract for legal advice regarding Labor issues such as: -          Latest update Labor Code, Decrees, Circulars for implementation -          Legal advice in term of Labor Conflict/ Labor Relations/ Disputes -          Review HR Paper documents according to the regulation changes… -          Other advices as best practice.   I think it is normal...