Q&A about Representative office (R.O) in Vietnam

Q&A about Representative office (R.O) in Vietnam

Question: After SBLAW submit the application document, within 15 working days, we can get the license of RO?

Answen: Regarding to time schedule for obtaining License for R.O, after 15 working days from submission of required documents to the competent authority, we can obtain the License for R.O

Question: According to the document, proximately it just takes around 2 months for us to officially operate RO in Vietnam? Then we can hire people to work for us there?

Answen: About time period for actual operatin of the R.O, it does not actually require you for about 02 months to start the operation. After obtaining the License for R.O, you can hire people to work for you. However, within 45 days from obtainin the License for R.O, you must notify the Competent Authority that R.O actually started its operation.

Question: For the payment term, i have doubt if we send you all the documents as you requested, and we already pay you 100%, but if the competent authority just does not give us the license or delay the schedule as you mentioned in the document, then how we should do for that?

Answen: We do not request you for payment of 100% service fee until you obtain the License for R.O. In case the competent authority does not grant you the License (if so incurred), we only charge you expense for work items duly completed by us.

Question: After setting up RO, we still need your daily legal consulting, so how much is that?

Answen:  We can offer you our retainer service. We offer three service packages as follows:

Service Package Working time of consultant/01 month Professional fee        (VND)
Primary Package 05 hours 8,000,000
Standard Package 10 hours 14,000,000
Premium Package 15 hours 20,000,000

Question: Do you provide accounting service too? Or you can recommend accountant to us after we decide to cooperate for setting up RO or branch office.

Answen: We do not provide accounting service. We can recommend you to work with our Partner.