Review the Business Co-operation Contract regarding Finance Services

Leave Category details of Vietnam Labor Code

This is with regards to your email from which you requested us to review the Business Co-operation Contract regarding Finance Services to be entered by and between Finance Group and a Commercial Bank in Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as “Drafted contract”).

Thus, we are pleased to present herewith our Legal Service Proposal for your kind reference


Our provision of services shall be as follows:

Studying Drafted contract provided by Client (in Vietnamese)

Reviewing Drafted Contract.

Giving advice/ suggestion on amendment, supplement where needed under mutually agreement by the related Parties and applicable laws.

Explaining, clarifying if Client have any questions/ comments regarding the above Contract;

Reviewing, revising and finalizing the drafted contract based on Client’s opinions (not exceeding 15) hours to provide final version of the Contract), extra working hours shall be charges as per hourly rate;

Assisting on contract negotiation (if required by Client).

With the above scope of work, we anticipate roadmap of services as follows:

– Step 1: We shall collect necessary information from Client. Upon receipt of required information, we shall study and assess legal matters to be noted during execution of the targeted transaction. In order to support sudy of your goal and legal status of related parties, we may request for direct meeting with your Project Manager.

– Step 2: Contract Review: Based on our understanding of your goal and legal status of related parties, we shall review the drafted contract under the applicable law.

We plan to complete review of the drafted contract within 05 working days from commencing date of the Service.

The time duration does not include of required time for revising the drafted contract based on your comments.

– Step 3: Negotiation: We shall assign our Lawyer to assist you in negotiating contract with the Commercial Bank in Vietnam.


Deliverables shall include documents in Vietnamese and English if so required by Client.