Setting Up of Investment Company in the field of real estate

Question: Good Morning. I am from USA and i have some enquiries.
I would like to setup an investment company in Vietnam as my purpose is to buy land in Binh Duong Province .
My purpose is to register a company to buy land for capital gain and keep the land for investment and may built house .
As a foreigner i can’t buy land so i was thinking to set up a company to buy properties or land.

Do i have to register the company with my Vietnamese counterpart as 50/50 % share would be easier or 100% foreign own?

– What is the cost to setup a company 50/50 with local and foreign partner?

– Is the company able to buy land or properties ?

– What is the profit gain tax for property sector ?

– How long to setup a company ?

– What is the cost to setup a company ?

Do your company provide these services ?

I need your help on these enquires , hope to hear your reply soonest .

Answer:  In this case, you shall have to setup a real estate development company. Under Vietnam Law, minimum capital of a real estate development company shall be 1,000,000USD (One million US Dollar).

If you set up a normal company other than real estate development company, you can not buy land for capital gain.
Please let me know if you wish to go with the above said option