Trademark registration in Vietnam


Question: Our company is going to register three trademarks in Vietnam. Could you provide me with information about prices of your firm for trademark registration?


Regarding your enquiries concerning the subject matter, we would like to advise as follows:

  1. Trademark information

–       Trademarks: (Please specify)

–       Class(es)(Please specify)

–       List of goods/services: (Please specify)

  1. Fee schedule

In Vietnam, multi-class application is applicable. The basic fees are calculated based on the number of class of goods/services (G/S) in each application as well as the number of products designated in each class in the application.

Below is the breakdown of charges for registering a trademark in Vietnam, in a smooth case, for your consideration.

2.1. Trademark search (Optional)

Trademark search for 01 trademark in one class


Description Official Fees


Attorney Fees


Fee for conducting 01 trademark search in 01 class (optional) 100.00
Bank charge 20.00
Subtotal 120.00
5% VAT 6.00
TOTAL 126.00

One hundred and twenty six US Dollars

Note: The above-quoted fees include 5% VAT of our service charge, bank charges. 

2.2. Trademark registration

Trademark registration for one trademark in one class:


Description Official Fees


Attorney’s fee


1. Fee for filing an application for the first classwithin 6 items* 65.00 140.00
– For each additional class from the second one 45.00 90.00
– For each additional good/service from the 7thgoods/services in each class 10.00


2. Fee for granting certificate for the first class 22.00 50.00
– For each additional class from the second one 8.00 30.00
Communication Cost 30.00
Bank charge 30.00
Subtotal (in bold) 337.00
5% VAT 16.85
Total (sum of Items in bold)

In words:


Three hundred fifty three US dollars and eighty five cents

Note:  The above-quoted fees include 5% VAT of our service charge, bank chargeand actual communication costs. In case of any office action or possible opposition which may occur during the application proceedings, an additional charge may be incurred, upon your approval.

  1. Procedure and timeline

The duration of a trademark searches is around 10-15 working days.

The duration for a trademark application from mature to proceed to registration is around 14-18 months from the filing date, involving these stages (1) examination as to formality and publication on the Gazette (3-4 months); (2) examination as to substance (9-12 months) and (3) issuance of registration certificate for the registered mark (2-4 months). Kindly note that the term for registration process normally takes longer to several months in practice due to the workload of the NOIP and the slow examination process by the NOIP’s examiner.

  1. Required documents and information

–       Name and address of the Applicant

–       List of Goods/Services

–       Specimen of the applied mark (in e-copy only)

–       An original Power of Attorney which is simply signed by the Applicant. No need notarization. (SBLAW’s form). No need notarization. Please be informed that a scanned/faxed copy of the Power of Attorney is acceptable upon filing provided that the original copy is submitted within 01 month from the filing date; One original Power of Attorney can be used for filling one or more applications.