The Abacus and Vietnam IQ Arithmetic is consulted copyright protection by SB Law

The Abacus and Vietnam IQ Arithmetic

In ancient times, through commercial trade, the Chinese invented the abacus with the structure of 2 beads above and 5 beads below. Nowadays, through the research and application of the Abacus academies in the world, the ancient abacus has innovated with the structure of 1 bead above and 4 beads below. The innovated abacus proved to be a great tool to train the younger students’ brain.

The Abacus and Vietnam IQ Arithmetic program is science program designed especially for children aged 4-12 years in order to maximize the potential of the brain, especially the right brain’s function. Based on scientific research and knowledge of the psychology, cognition of kids, The Abacus and Vietnam IQ Arithmetic program is divided into two modules:

– Curricula for children aged 4-7 years: Practice of writing numbers, K IQ1, K IQ2, K IQ3, and K IQ4.

– Curricula for children aged 7-12 years: IQ 1, IQ 2, IQ 3, IQ 4, IQ 5, IQ 6, IQ 7, IQ 8, IQ 9, and IQ 10. (1).

This program has been prepared curricula by the Vietnam IQ Education Development Joint Stock Company, has been consulted copyright by lawyers of S&B Law, and has been granted Certificate by the Vietnam Department of copyright.

The Copyright Registration Certificate of IQVNThe Copyright Registration Certificate of IQVN

     The Copyright Registration Certificate of IQVN

 Receiving Copyright Registration Certificate from the Department of Copyright plays an important role. It is the recognition of the State competent agencies for IQVN’s efforts. This Copyright Registration Certificate is also significant against copyright infringement acts, unfair competition in the field of training and education.

Also on 28th July 2013, at the Hanoi National University of Education, IQVN also held national examination with Abacus subject and IQ Arithmetic subject. This is the competition for 500 best students, the candidates will compete in the competition sections: Looking calculation, listening calculation and math intelligence solving with IQ level consistent with age.

Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha, President, Partner Lawyer of S&B Law also attended the competition, stated, and encouraged the candidates.

 consulted copyright protection  by SBLaw

Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha encouraged the candidates

 S&B Law which is copyright consultative Unit for this program hopes that the program will give the study methods to students efficiently, cheerfully, and develops kids’ mathematics skills.

(1)From IQVN Company’s website