To develop the national animal husbandry database


The Law No. 32/2018/QH14 is promulgated by the National Assembly on November 19, 2018 provides the regulation for raising of livestock, rights and obligations of organizations and individuals involved in animal husbandry…

National animal husbandry database refers to an animal husbandry-related information system which is developed in such a way that consistency from central to local levels is maintained and normalized and managed by information technology.

The national animal husbandry database includes:

– Database of legislative documents on animal husbandry;

– Database of livestock breeds, livestock gene sources, animal feeds and products for treatment of waste from livestock breeding;

– Database of livestock breeding and/or processing facilities and animal product market;

– Database of disease-free zones for livestock breeding…

This Law tightens the requirements applied for livestock breeds and products circulated on the market.

Accordingly, any livestock breed and product circulated on the market must satisfy the following requirements:

– Have applied quality standard declared;

– Have quality meeting the applied quality standard declared;

– Meet quarantine requirements as prescribed in the law on veterinary medicine.

This Law takes effect on January 01, 2020.