SBLaw will support Client in drafting the Loan Contract which will be signed between a Vietnamese individual or the Company and a foreign individual with the object of this contract is foreign currency.

Now, according to the revailing law, there is no provision that prohibits foreigners on lending foreign currency into Vietnam. However, regarding the transfer of money abroad, there is also no specific provision to guide this issue, therefore, Client shall maybe meet some difficulties during transferring money to abroad.

According to our experience, if you want to transfer money abroad, you must directly come and work with one commercial bank and this process maybe need an approval from the State Bank of Vietnam.

Legal service for the drafting of loan contract, our service will be:

– Drafting of Loan Contract based on the request of the Client.
– Revising of Loan Contract based on comment and/ or changes of the Client, the maximum revision is two times within 1 month from the date that SB Law sends the first Draft of the Loan Contract to the Client.
– In case the times for demand on revision of Loan Contract exceeds 2 times, we will charge our supplemental fee from the second revision upwards.