Social insurance under law on social Insurance

The Law on Social Insurance, 2006 is a law providing for social insurance regimes and policies, the rights and responsibilities of insured laborers, agencies, organizations and individuals; social insurance organizations; social insurance funds; procedures for implementation of social insurance and state management of social insurance.

Vacation, holiday & leaves

Annual Leave According to Article 111 any employee who has completed 12 months in full to work for an employer is entitled to leave twelve (12) working days fully paid. If the period of employment is less than twelve (12) months then the employee shall be entitled to annual leave...

Right of employer and employees under Labor Code 2012

Under the law, the employees have the following rights and duties: a. The employee is entitled to work for any employer at any place that the law does not prohibit. b. The employee has the right to select the work, vocation and get vocational training and improvement without discrimination. c. The employee...

Employee working as Household in Vietnam

Articles 179 to 183 of the Labor Code deals with the provisions related to employees working in the household. Under law, the term housework includes but not limited to housework, housekeeping, child care, patient care, driving, gardening and other work but not related to the commercial activities[...]
Law on commercial arbitration

Getting Criminal Record/Police Clarence in Vietnam

If client would like to get Criminal Record/ Police Clarence when doing immigration procedure into foreign countries, SBLAW would like to advise as follows:

Labor contract under labor code 2012

The employer and employee have to enter into a labor contract for the work which is the agreement regarding the work conditions, rights and obligations of each party[...]
Law on protection of consumers’ rights 2010

Required document for work permit in Vietnam

No. Document Who to provide Language Remarks Application from Client for the Work Permit Form to be provided by SBLAW, filled out by Client. English & Vietnamese 02 copies are required.To be signed by Client in both languages. 2. Certificate of Business Registration/ Establishment License of Client To be provided by Client 02 notarized copies are required. 3. Clean Criminal record issued by...

Employment Law Lawyer in Vietnam

BLAW advises many foreign invested companies, branches and representative of foreign companies on all aspects of labor matters including recruitment, employment relations advice, labor restructuring and redundancy advices, award policy advice, social, healthcare and unemployment insurance and implementation, drafting of labor contracts, labor collective agreements, acting on behalf of clients in relation to in-courts or out-of court settlement of labor disputes.