Ask about letter or certificate of good standing

Question: i graduated from Hanoi medical University in 2015. And i worked as a dentist private dental clinic in Vietnam since i left school till 4/2017. And then i come to UK to live with my husband. I am planning to sit the ORE exam( exam for oversea dentist who want...

Social insurance for foreign employees working in Hanoi

Hanoi Social Insurance Authority has just issued a Dispatch Letter No.5251/BHXH-QLT 2018 dated 3rd December 2018, temporarily guiding on Compulsory Insurance under the Decree No. 143/2018/ND-CP. Accordingly, from 1st December 2018, foreign employees having been granted Work Permit/ Practice License and entered into Employment Contract with definite term of 1...
Vetting of employment contract - your charges?

Vetting of employment contract – your charges?

Question: Hope all is well at your end! How much would you charge to vet the enclosed employment contract? Answer: Yes. Our legal service fee for this case is 350USD. The fee is exclusive of 10% VAT. It shall take us about 03 working days to complete.

Holiday & Tet Leave

According to Article 115 of the Code, the employee shall be entitled to the following public holidays and the same shall be fully paid leave[...]

Urgent Due Diligence required for a Vietnamese Consultant

Question: I am writing to find out about a quote with regards to Due Diligence on an employee we have based in Vietnam. We are an Hongkong based organisation which works with primarily Hongkong companies which are trading with or investing in the Caribbean.  We are expanding range of Chinese and...

Unilateral Termination

Question: I was unilaterally terminated around May 26th, 2017. I was terminated because the school decided to discontinue the international secondary program and therefore didn't need me. I have already signed the termination letter. Would i be eligible for any compensation? Answer: SBLAW would like to reply you as follows: If you worked...

Getting work permit for dentist.

Question: I am a dentist graduated from the USA practicing dentistry in my country Singapore with Permanent and Private license of Singapore for 10 years. I have already read helpful questions and answers included in your website and Im NOT going to establish my own clinic. 1.However, I am asking if...

Human Resources and Employment Law

We would like to provide some information about human resources and employment law of Vietnam for you as follows[...]

Labor regulation and employee benefit under Vietnam Law

SBLAW would like to brief on labor regulation and employee benefit under Vietnam Law as follows: Labor Contract Labor Contract shall be entered with the Employee directly, unless the employee is from 15-18 years old. Labor contract for a period more than 3 months, must be executed in writing...
pháp luật quy định phạt tiienf 50 triệu với hành vi in hóa đơn giả

Redundant employees due to organizational restructure in Vietnamese company

(SB Law) In case foreign invested company in Vietnam (FIC) shall have to consider terminating employment of a number of redundant employees due to organizational restructure[...]