Lawyer in-house in Vietnam


SBLAW would like to provide you on pricing policy of SB Law for lawyer in – house service in Vietnam as follows:

Our professional fees shall be based on the actual time our lawyers work on the services(s) for which we have been retained.

Our Lawyers keep track their time in minutes to the nearest 10 minutes and record their time daily. Time record notations are made for any and all work performed, including but not limited to, office conferences, legal research, preparation of legal instruments, telephone and personal trips to and from the offices to relative places or client’s offices.

Where SB Law offers an estimate for services based on hourly rates, such estimate may not adequately reflect the amount ultimately undertaken by SB Law in order to deliver the services. In case the actual amount of work required by SB Law exceed our initial estimate, SB Law will advise of any possible excess such estimate.

Hourly rate of our Lawyer as follows:

Paralegal: 50USD/01 hour

Associate: 100USD/01 hour

Senior: 120UD/01 hour

Partner: 165USD/01 hour

SB Law also provide services on a fixed basis for many projects. Any work or additional work which is not covered by the scope of work as agreed upon will be billed in accordance with our standard hourly rates.

For Clients who wish to retain us as their lawyer in-house, we can provide package of legal retainer service. Please find herewith our legal proposal for legal retainer service for your consideration.

If you have any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us.