Legal retainer services and reviewing and drafting Technology Transfer Contract

Legal retainer services and reviewing and drafting Technology Transfer Contract

We refer with thanks to your email from which we were requested to submit our service proposal for providing legal retainer services and reviewing and drafting Technology Transfer Contract based on Letter of Intent made by and between your company and partner Company. We, therefore, are grateful to present you our legal service proposal for your review and consideration.


We believe that SB Law is well-positioned to act as external legal counsel for Company and reviewing and drafting Technology Transfer Contract based on Letter of Intent made by and between your company and partner Company for following basis:

n         SBLaw is staffed with lawyers and associates who are capable of providing a multitude of legal services which cover Intellectual property, Litigation and Arbitration, Banking, Project Finance, Foreign Investment, Real Property Development and Construction, Industrial Property Rights and Technology Transfer, Infrastructure Projects, Trade and Distribution, Labour, Corporate, Commercial, Taxation, and International Trade.

n         SBLaw acts as external legal counsel for a great number of companies both in Vietnam and other countries such as Industrial Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), IBM, LG Electronic, HTC Mobile, Viettel Real Estate, VNPT Global, Military Bank etc.

n         Highly skilled and experienced consultants and lawyers with high ability to assist client regarding to approach business goals in Vietnam

  1. Scope of works

2.1.                     Retainer Services

Our services in this regard will include:

–      Sending  circulars and reminders to Company in respect of statutory obligations under Enterprise Law and relevant law;

–      Preparation of minutes/resolutions in respect of Annual General Meetings and the related Director’s Meetings, notices, consent, corporate presentation forms and proxies;

–      Preparation of standard Director’s resolutions and related documents pertaining to change of directors, secretaries and registered office;

–      Providing legal opinion relating to legal matters occurring to Company during its operations.

Our Lawyer and Consultant shall be available for providing the legal service in working hours, i.e. from 8.00 a.m to 5.30 p.m, from Monday to Friday, except for national holidays.

Retainer Fee

The Retainer Fee for performing the SBLaw services as mentioned above in the Standard working hours (5 working hours/01 month)  shall be US$ 400 (US Dollars Four hundred only). The professional fee for each additional working hour exceeding the Standard working hours shall be further charged 120USD/01 working hour.

The retainer fee is based on the actual time SB’s lawyers/consultants work on the services(s) for which we have been retained. SB’s Lawyer and Consultations keep track their time in minutes to the nearest 10 minutes and record their time daily. Time record notations are made for any and all work performed, including but not limited to, office conferences, legal research, preparation of legal instruments, telephone and personal trips to and from the offices to relative places or client’s offices. In case the actual amount of work required by SBLaw exceed the Standard Working Time, SBLaw will advise of any possible excess such Retainer Fee.

Our fee excludes 10% VAT, Government fees and out-of-pocket expenses such as traveling fee, telephones, Government fee, etc).

SBLaw invoices will be sent one month prior to the commencement of the next service period start date. Amounts are due three (03) working dates before commencement of each service period start date. Paid retainer is non-refundable.

2.2. Drafting Technology Transfer Contract:

Our services in this regard will include:

  • Advising all legal aspect regarding to Technology Transfer in line Vietnamese law;
  • Drafting Technology Transfer Contract based the Letter of Intend;
  • Liaising with Company to discuss the drafted Technology Transfer Contract;
  • Revising the drafted Technology Transfer Contract based on Company’ comments;
  • Finalizing the Technology Transfer Contract following negotiation results between Company and its Partner.

Professional fee

The Price for performing the S&B Law services as mentioned in item 3.2 as mentioned above will be US$ 500 (US Dollars). The professional fee is exclusive of 10% VAT.

Once again, we would like to thank for your kind co-operation. If you have further any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.