Legal service on certification of work permit exemption in Vietnam

Legal service on certification of work permit exemption in Vietnam

In order to obtain the certification of work permit exemption from the competent authority in Vietnam, you shall be required to prepare following documents:

– Application for obtainment of certification of work permit exemption under the standard form;

– Brief information regarding to the Foreign Employee, i.e. Full name, Gender, Date of Birth, Passport Number, term of employment, position etc.

– Legalized Appointment Letter from Esco Global;

– Legalized Writing letter confirming Foreign Employee having been worked as manager in foreign country.

– Legalized Employment Contract between Foreign Employee and Esco Global to prove that the Foreign Employee having been working for Esco Global for at least 12 months before submission of application dossier for work permit exemption in Vietnam;

– Certified Investment Certificate of Esco Vietnam Co., Ltd;

Within 03 working days from submission of application dossier to the competent authority, the provincial department of labor, invalid and social affair shall confirm that the Foreign Employee is subject to exemption of work permit requirement. However, we would like to note that Vietnam has just guided on procedures for obtainment of writing letter for work permit exemption from December 2014. Thus, the Department of Labor Invalid and Social Affair is not quite familiar with this procedure and it may cause the licensing procedure prolonged.

We can assist you in obtainment of such writing letter and our fee for this case shall be 650USD. The fee is exclusive of 10% VAT.