Q&A: Registering franchise activity in Vietnam

Registering franchise activity in Vietnam

Q: We are a education company in Vietnam and would like to register franchise activity in Vietnam, please advise legal procedure and SBLAW’s fee?

A: Regarding the registration of franchise system in Vietnam, SBLAW would like to send client our advice as follows:


A. Establishing the franchise system in Vietnam

In case your company would like to record the franchise for education programs in Vietnam, your company is required to register their franchise activity at Ministry of Industry and Trade before carrying out this action in Vietnam.

B. Scope of works

For the foregoing, our scope of work will include:

–         Advising on the procedure and schedule of time for registering the franchise system;

–         Preparing all necessary documents for filing at MOIT;

–         Filing the application at MOIT;

–         Working with MOIT in order to ensure the successful of registration;

C. Estimated fee

Our fee for taking the aforementioned actions will be calculated as the following table:

No Work Fee (VND)
Official fee Agency fee
Franchsing fee in Vietnam 16.500.000 60.000.000
  10%VAT 7.500.000
  Total 82.500.000

Note: The aforementioned fee is inclusive the official fee and 5-10% VAT but other disbursement. We will inform you all arising fees for your consideration before taking any actions .

D. Estimated time

Our estimated time for taking the above mentioned action will be as below table:

No Work Estimated time
1 Advising on the procedure of registering the franchise system before filing application Within 24 hours upon your instrucitonr/request
2 Preparing all necessary documents 5-7 working days counted from the receiving date of the information/documents from your company
3 Filing the dossier at MOIT 1-2 working days after finishing the preparation of dossier
4 Obtaining the result of registration from MOIT 20-30 working days after filing dossier

Note: The above estimated time is exclusive the time for taking the below actions:

i.            Time for notarizing/legalizing at Vietnam;

ii.            Time for translating into Vietnamese;

iii.            Time for waiting for the information/documents from your company;

iv.            Delaying time of MOIT;

v.            Time for taking any actions at National Office of Intellectual Property (If any).

E. Required documents/information

  • 03 Power of Attorney signed by the authorized person of the Franchisor (notarization and legalization is required);
  • The Introduction about the franchise activity (prapared by SBLAW);
  • Sample of Franchise Agreement;
  • 03 notarized and legalized copies of Certificate of Bussiness Registration or similar documents of Franchisor;
  • 03 notarized copies of Certificate of Trademark registration at Vietnam;
  • Structure of Franchisor;
  • 03 notarized and legalized copies of the audited financial report of the franchisor of the nearest financial year;