Employee working as Household in Vietnam

Articles 179 to 183 of the Labor Code deals with the provisions related to employees working in the household. Under law, the term housework includes but not limited to housework, housekeeping, child care, patient care, driving, gardening and other work but not related to the commercial activities[...]

The rights of employees under Labor Code

The Labor Code 2012 of Vietnam, which is the prescribed law in the territory of Vietnam, specifies the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the employers and the employees. This Code is applicable to the following[...]
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Redundant employees due to organizational restructure in Vietnamese company

(SB Law) In case foreign invested company in Vietnam (FIC) shall have to consider terminating employment of a number of redundant employees due to organizational restructure[...]

Social insurance in Vietnam.

(S&B Law) The Labor Code is applicable to both employers (enterprises, agencies, organizations, co-operatives, etc.) and employees (Vietnamese and foreign employees). The employer is entitled to employ labor directly or via employment services or outsourcing service providers. Further under the law, the employer is responsible to implement the law provisions...

Social insurance under law on social Insurance

The Law on Social Insurance, 2006 is a law providing for social insurance regimes and policies, the rights and responsibilities of insured laborers, agencies, organizations and individuals; social insurance organizations; social insurance funds; procedures for implementation of social insurance and state management of social insurance.

Maternity Leave under Labor Code

The female employee is entitled to take leave before and after birth, collectively of six months.

Holiday & Tet Leave

According to Article 115 of the Code, the employee shall be entitled to the following public holidays and the same shall be fully paid leave[...]

Vacation, holiday & leaves

Annual Leave According to Article 111 any employee who has completed 12 months in full to work for an employer is entitled to leave twelve (12) working days fully paid. If the period of employment is less than twelve (12) months then the employee shall be entitled to annual leave...

Allownces under Labor Code

In addition to Salary, the Employer can pay allowance to Employee. Rate and type of each allowance shall be very much depended on mutual agreement between Employee and Employer[...]

Salary under Vietnam labor code

The salary of the employee includes the salary rate based on the work, allowance and other additions, if any.The salary rate of the employee should not be lower than the minimal salary rate prescribed by the Government. The employer shall not entertain any gender discrimination as to salary. The employer...