Accelerate to downsize the payroll

stamp payroll in red over white background

Resolution No. 24/2016/QH14 on economic restructuring plan 2016 – 2020 was ratified on November 08, 2016 by the National Assembly.

Accordingly, on the economic restructuring standpoints of developing growth models based on productivity, quality and competitiveness; improve quality of economic growth, develop growth models based on investment, export and domestic market instead of those on the basis of investment and export; focus on productivity, labor qualifications, science – technology and innovations instead of production input…, the National Assembly has set some key tasks for economic restructuring.

Such as: Focus on accomplishment of restructuring of 03 primary sectors namely public investment, State-owned enterprises and credit institutions; Promulgate public investment institutions according to the international practice; give priority to innovation in the ways of verification, assessment and selection of projects; Conduct acquisition and dissolution of ineffective organizations, downsize the payroll and reform the governmental structure and salary policies; Continue to conduct administrative reforms and dramatically improve the business environment; Have the itinerary for applying market prices to education and healthcare in line with assistance for the poor and beneficiaries of preferential policies; Encourage the involvement of various economic ownerships in development and provision of public services; Concentrate on developing domestic private sectors and attracting foreign direct investment; Modernize economic sector planning and structuring towards improving productivity, quality and efficiency in line with international integration; Synchronously develop the financial market, land use right market, labor market and science and technology market…