Conditions on export of minerals


On July 05, 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued the Circular No. 12/2016/TT-BCT on amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Minister of Industry and Trade’s Circular No. 41/2012/TT-BCT of December 21, 2012, providing the export of minerals.

Within that, the important content is the regulations on conditions for export of minerals. Accordingly, Minerals eligible for export when being on the list and satisfying the quality standards and being of lawful origin such as minerals exploited and processed from mines or mining spots with valid mining or salvage mining licenses granted by competent state agencies; imported minerals certified by border-gate customs offices of importation in their import declarations; minerals confiscated for public sale by competent state agencies. For confiscated or publicly sold minerals, the following documents are required: sale invoices of assets confiscated into the state budget, ex-warehousing bills and written records of handover of assets involved in administrative violations and confiscated for auction. Processed mineral products of lawful origins must suit processing technologies of processing facilities. And exported minerals which contain by weight at least 0.05 percent of uranium or thorium must, apart from satisfying the conditions, have the Ministry of Science and Technology’s radioactive material export permits.

Also in accordance with this Circular, before carrying out export procedures, an enterprise shall coordinate with the customs office in taking samples of each lot of exported minerals for analysis to determine their quality. Samples shall be analyzed at laboratories qualified for VILAS standards.

This Circular takes effect on August 20, 2016.