Process of applying for Working permit

This is reference to your email below. We have just been back from Tet Holiday. Regarding to your question, firstly, you must contact with a Dental Clinic in Vietnam for employment. Such Dental Clinic shall be liable to apply for work permit for you. During the time for obtaining work permit, you do not need to be in Vietnam. Then, you can start with procedure for obtaining Dental Practice License.

Question: I’m Peter from UK, I’m trying to solve an issue with the process of applying for Working permit – since november 13th all teaching certificates must be legalized but the UK Embassy does not legalize , they told me to legalize in UK but now i am in Ho chi Minh City.

Is it possible to find a way to legalize in Ho chi minh City?

Thanks a lot.

Answer: SBLAW would like to advise as follows:

In this case, it is impossible to legalize the document in Vietnam. You must have support from UK Lawyer to legalize document in UK.